Karen Daniel

What's doing in Karen's world?

It's been a tough year for me, losing my father in fall of 2013 and dealing with some health issues myself.  Sometimes from pain comes creativity.  I'm happy to hear the final mixes of the songs for my new CD, short stuff and other children's songs. The project grew out of the desire to make a recording for my new granddaughter, Matilda (Tilly)!  I wanted her to learn/listen to some of the songs I sang for her mother (Rachel).  Along the way, I came up with the song written for her, "Tilly Go Round," and decided to re-record the "Shabbat Shalom" lullabye from my first CD, Breaking the Lock

During my 20+ years working at Vanderbilt University, I participated in several musical events.  One year, several very creative and musical folks got together for a presentation at the Employee Celebration.  That year, a merry-go-round was set up at Riverfront Park in downtown Nashville, and one of the rides was to represent the Vanderbilt Life Flight helicopter.  In honor of that, I wrote "Carousel Ride" and we sang it together at the celebration.  I am so happy that I was able to finally record it and share it with you.  This song is about a parent holding their child's hand to go on the scary ride.  Or it could be about anyone helping someone through a tough time.  The older we get, time moves faster, and sometimes it does feel like a very fast ride!

I will add more about the songs and the recording experience...stay tuned!

Karen Daniel